Rick and Laurie have invested in marriages for many years through teaching and counseling. As Laurie often says “you don’t get to be married this long and not go through a lot of dark valleys together. In those valleys, we have learned that God is with us. If He were not, we would have never found our way out of the dark places. We wouldn’t have a story of hope and love to share.”  Those valleys have deepened their love for each other and their relationship with their God. 


In today’s culture of “throw away marriages”, Rick and Laurie are investing their lives in helping couples understand God’s plan for marriage and how to practically walk it out.  “How crazy is it that God would take two people, with two different backgrounds, two very crazily opposing personalities, and bring them together “‘til death do us part”.  


Their investment in marriages includes:

  • Banquets

  • One or two day seminars, all built on the culture of your church, to best meet the needs of your group. 

  • During events, they give away a lot of resources to help couples continue to grow beyond the event.

What others are saying:

"Rick and Laurie's unique blend of humor and authenticity builds a strong connection with their audience enabling them to deliver practical, Biblical insights in a thought-provoking and memorable way. Their ministry impact is even deeper than the length of their resume." 
Rev. Mark McKinstry, Missons and Christian Education Pastor, Oak Creek, WI.


“I highly recommend Rick and Laurie Ganiere’s ministry for married people. Having witnessed their down to earth delivery and their genuine concern for people, I encourage pastors to use them to strengthen the marriages within your church. The truths they share are firmly based on scripture and they are sensitive to the Spirit’s voice in sharing with a group. I especially appreciate their willingness to interact with and pray for attendees during breaks and at the seminar’s conclusion.”   
Rev. Jeff Thomson, Onalaska, WI


“Their message was grounded in the Word of God and sprinkled with relevant stories and illustrations that were not only thought provoking but also at times amazingly funny. Our multi-cultural church genuinely connected with their teaching style and felt challenged and encouraged. Their one on one ministry to couples at the end, was a blessing to see as a pastor, knowing that not all guest speakers stay to serve as long as they are needed.  Their heart for the local church was an inspiration to me and connected with both long time attenders as well as others that were visiting for the first time to our church."  
 Rev. Jay Fischer, Milwaukee, WI

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