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We are delighted to share with you the information regarding Laurie's new book,


"Reflections From the Sunrise"

Where do we find evidence of God moving in our lives? Most often He uses something as simple as the reflection from the sunrise.  So simple, yet we tend to miss it.  Circumstances of every day life tend to cloud our vision, and we either miss it completely or miss pieces of it so that we’re not sure where He is.  God has given Laurie the ability to see Him in some of the most unusual places.  This daily devotional will help you find amazing truths and clear evidence that God truly has great love, grace and mercy for you and those you love.   The journey begins today.  

"This Pyramid"

As Christians, every relationship in our life should reflect the Spirit of the God we serve: marriage, family, church, work, neighbors and friends. If that first layer is built on His solid foundation, that light will shine through every relationship layer in us; even those that are the most difficult. We will look through the lens of the scriptures, and see how to practically live it out, even in the most trying of relationships. Welcome to the journey!



"Can't See the Wind"  
We are hearing from people that have been blessed by the simplicity of God's truths into their every day lives.  Others are telling us that they are plan to use it in their small groups.  


All are available to order from and events posted on the events page.


Thanks friends - we pray God's blessings on you and your families.


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