Who We Are

Rick and Laurie have been married for 48 years, have 4 children, 

7 grandchildren and 3 grand-dogs. Rick is retired after a long career with WE Energies, and Laurie is an ordained Assemblies of God minister. 
Together they lead Re-Source Ministries, to come along side the local church to inspire health and growth. Along with spending time with their family, laughing ‘til their sides hurt, Rick and Laurie enjoy traveling, motorcycles, board games and just enjoying time together.  


How We Got Our Name

God gave us the name - Re - taken from the Latin word meaning again 
and again, and Source; origin, or source/supplier. We know that God has opened the door for us to help God's people come back again, to the source of their supply. Looking at God clearer for today. Over the last number of years, God has given us so many resources, He has taught us so much. It is our desire to invest in others, helping them come back to the One that has called them, and help them find the resources to move into the next season of their ministry or marriages.  

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